The first Kick

Lacie Slezak
Jan 22, 2017 · 3 min read

Like many others 2016 was not a good year for me. From my ever lowering self esteem, to my lack of inspiration 2016 was in all honesty a major self pity party. For the entire year of 2016 I only have 29 folders, in 365 days I only shot images in 29 of them! Most of which are random times I chased birds and squirrels around my small neighborhood. Which in years past I have 70 to 100+folders of places, people, experiments, and actual planned shoots each year.

Have you ever just felt like enough is enough? Like if you don’t kick down that self pity wall like the true bad ass you are then.. well the wall just might get higher? It might get thicker? Then what will you do?

Well this is my first kick of the year. It’s not much, a small self portrait shoot on a foggy morning.

None the less, a small kick can still weaken that ever growing wall.


I hope I’ll have more kicks to show soon, and maybe by the end off the year the wall will have crumbled.

Take me away

All photos by Lacie Slezak

Lacie Slezak

Written by

Just a young photographer! Using this as a blog for my website to show my recent work! You can see my website at

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