Debate questions

Here are a bunch practically copy-pasted from 2000 and still relevant:

How would you go about as president deciding when it was in the national interest to use U.S. force, generally?

Can you point to a decision, an action you have taken, that illustrates your ability to handle the unexpected, the crisis under fire?

Should a voter assume that all judicial appointments you make to the supreme court or any other federal court, will be pro-life/choice?

What is the choice between the two of you on education?

There could be another crisis, for instance, in the financial area. There could be a failure of a major financial institution or a stock market crash. What is your general attitude toward government intervention in such events?

Should a male who loves a male and a female who loves a female have all — all the constitutional rights enjoyed by every American citizen?

One of you is about to be elected the leader of the single-most powerful nation in the world, economically, financially, militarily, diplomatically, you name it. Have you formed any guiding principles for exercising this enormous power?

Where do you see the basic difference in very simple terms in two or three sentences between you on the environment? If a voter wants to make a choice, what is it?

If you become president, are there other areas, racial problem areas, that you would deal with as president involving discrimination? Arab-Americans, but also Hispanics, Asians, as well as Blacks in this country.

This is the 21st Century. Yet on average an American working woman in our great nation earns 78 cents for each $1 earned by a working male. Do you think our society discriminates against women? And if so, what do you propose to do about it?

How will your tax proposals affect me as a middle-class, 34-year-old single person with no dependents?

New questions:

What is your position on the second amendment? Does the federal government have the right to regulate gun ownership?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has outlasted many presidents’ attempts to resolve it. What are the barriers to peace, as you see them, and do you think they could be dealt with in your time in office?

You have made the claim that you will get Mexico to pay for a wall on our common border. The president of Mexico has said that isn’t going to happen. How would you convince Mexico to pay for the wall?

You have made the claim that your opponent is unfit for the office he seeks. Why?

Do you believe that your opponent is guilty of crimes? What crimes, specifically?

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