Solidity, Hardhat, Slither and Azure pipelines logos
Solidity, Hardhat, Slither and Azure pipelines logos

As part of our development process, we like to make sure that we are meeting our quality standards by using git flows and code reviews to double check the solution before merging it to the main branch. However, before doing these reviews, is important to have a continuous integration (CI) pipeline in place to run the verifications that can be automated like code formatting, looking for compiling errors as well as running the tests to verify the behavior is the expected one. This helps us saving time and letting the reviewers focus on the important things. …

Ethereum, a platform used to run decentralized applications (also known as dApps) has been around since 2015 and revolutionized the world by presenting the first programmable blockchain. This is possible by using the blockchain to store programmable Smart Contracts and transactions.

Visualizations of the relationships between a smart contract and related concepts: blocks, smart contracts (internal data, contract address, business rules) and transactions (target contract, transaction signature, transaction fee, arguments and triggering rule).
Visualizations of the relationships between a smart contract and related concepts: blocks, smart contracts (internal data, contract address, business rules) and transactions (target contract, transaction signature, transaction fee, arguments and triggering rule).

Using the advantages of the Blockchain everyone can see and audit the code behind the contracts, and the underlying technology ensures that the information on the blockchain cannot be deleted or tampered in any way.

But not just that, Ethereum also opened the door for the users to create their tokens (also called sub-currencies or derived coins) in a…

Nowadays it is hard even to think on having to work on a project without having continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) pipelines as part of your development flow. There are simple and super powerful tools for having a CI on any project without too much effort. One of these tools is Azure DevOps’ Pipelines.

When we started working on our latest Swift application, we decided to focus first on having our CI pipeline in place using Azure DevOps’ Pipelines. …

Universal Windows Platform overview and WinUI logo
Universal Windows Platform overview and WinUI logo

Recently we had the opportunity to work developing a desktop application for Windows and macOS from scratch with the goal of having the same UI/UX and features within each of the applications deliver for each platform. In this article we will focus on the Windows application as we found super interesting that there are many options available to tackle it, although with different challenges and constraints between them.

As the Windows and .NET ecosystem is continuously evolving there are several options to choose from when you are starting something from scratch, and you need to understand which is the best…

We recently had a project where we needed to invite external users to an Office 365 SharePoint Site automatically when a Microsoft Flow was triggered. So, how can you do that programmatically? Well, one solution is to use Microsoft Graph API which in our case was consumed from a node.js script. In this article, I will show you a few things to take into consideration in this scenario using as start point my previous story where I described the base structure (how to call the Microsoft Graph API from an Azure Function using node.js, …

Not so long ago, I worked on a project where we take advantage of the Microsoft Graph API to perform some tasks. So far, nothing special as it’s not rocket science nowadays to call a REST API, it is just a simple script to call. To add something more interesting to this scenario, we needed to call this functionality from Microsoft Flow (it would be the same using similar products like IFTTT or Zapier, basically we had a workflow that needs to execute a certain functionality). …

Last week I had an incredible experience being part at two of the most important developer conferences in South America.

First, the .NET Conf UY v2017 where I presented a talk and delivered a workshop, both about Progressive Web Apps. Later, the Nodeconf Argentina 2017 in which I collaborated as part of the staff.

.NET Conf UY v2017

This conference is one of the biggest on South America related to Microsoft technologies. It even expanded to other countries as Argentina (where I was part of the organization team) and Colombia (where I will also be delivering the PWA talk and workshop). …

En estos últimos días (del 29 de Septiembre al 1 de octubre) tuve el gusto de participar en la .NET Conf UY v2016 como presentador de un workshop y de una charla ambos sobre Angular 2 y ASP.NET Core.

De mas está decir que fue un evento muy bien organizado, con gran cantidad de contenido de calidad (2 keynotes y mas de 30 charlas y 10 workshops en dos tracks en paralelo donde participaron mas de 35 speakers) y mucha gente (550 inscriptos!).

Tengo que agradecer a los organizadores, colaboradores y demás por la buena onda, el gran trabajo que…

Hace algún tiempo venimos hablando con algunos amigos y compañeros sobre la falta de contenido en español y la necesidad de unir esfuerzos para que se conozcan iniciativas y noticias de nuestro entorno. Entre esas charlas surgió la idea de hacer una versión en español y orientada a Latinoamérica del ASP.NET Community Standup y luego de más charlas pudimos arrancar a hacerlo.

Logo que estamos usando actualmente

¿Quiénes somos?

Somos un grupo de profesionales independientes de Microsoft y nuestro objetivo es ayudar a la difusión de .Net, las últimas novedades, sus comunidades y eventos en habla hispana para toda Latinoamérica.

El equipo está conformado por (en orden…

En mi post anterior hablé de los middlewares y de la importancia que tienen en ASP.NET Core. En este post voy a introducir un conjunto de herramientas llamadas JavascriptServices que entre otras cosas aportan algunos middlewares muy interesantes a la hora de crear Single Page Applications (SPAs) utilizando frameworks modernos como Angular 2 o React.

JavascriptServices es un conjunto de herramientas, entre las que existen 3 NuGet packages: Microsoft.AspNetCore.NodeServices, Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaServices y Microsoft.AspNetCore.AngularServices. En el pasado incluso existía otro más para React, pero de momento no es necesario tener un paquete diferenciado dado que SpaServices es suficientemente genérico. …

Nicolás Bello Camilletti

Principal Software Developer. Microsoft MVP and Google Developer Expert (GDE).

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