For World Press Freedom Day, the New York Times urged readers to support local news outlets — but it was missing quite a few in its own backyard. Here’s a more complete list of New York City community news publications that need your support.

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The New York Times compiled membership lists from five press associations into a database, published on May 1, 2020 for World Press Freedom Day. The list was searchable by location, and the paper urged its national audience to support local media with subscriptions and donations.

“Local journalism is in crisis and at risk of disappearing,” the paper said. “These vital resources are critical to the safety, security and knowledge of our communities, never more so than in these difficult times.”

That’s true. When these publications are perhaps more necessary than ever for the health and safety of communities, they’re also facing their greatest existential crisis. The same Coronavirus pandemic that makes news publishers so critical has also gutted their business models — largely retail advertising and events. …

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The dashboard is based around 10 custom reports you can use to drive engaged readership

I’m excited to release the Audience Explorer dashboard — a free, easy-to-use analytics tool for small and medium-sized publishers that puts loyal, engaged users front-and-center to drive journalistic impact — and publisher revenue.

The Audience Explorer is a set of 10 reports that drills into Google Analytics to specifically pull the kind of data publishers need to grow a relationship with their loyal and potentially-loyal readers. It provides side-by-side views of three different segments of readers, the content that resonates, and the platforms driving engagement with your website.

As any publisher knows, it’s easy to get buried in data and not have a clear picture of what’s important when you’re parsing analytics. Using these reports, publishing teams can filter out the noise of extraneous data in Google Analytics, and develop insights about the tactics and strategies that turn passersby into daily readers. …

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Joanna Hausmann’s channel centers on culture, language and politics in the U.S. and Latin America and has reached 70 million views.

YouTube’s independent creators serve programming to highly engaged audiences, with many forming independent, personality-driven brands operating outside of the bounds of traditional media. YouTuber Joanna Hausmann spoke with 18 audience and product development leaders from global and national media properties on October 30 to explore how the platform’s creator ecosystem can provide a model for growth and engagement to those eyeing the platform’s 1.9 billion monthly logged in users.

This discussion was convened by the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism’s News Audience and Product communities of practice, which bring together journalists working to develop bigger, more engaged audiences and compelling products for a variety of global, national and innovative niche publishers. …


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Entrepreneur-in-Residence @ Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism. Audience Development @ Center for Cooperative Media. Audience builder. Dad/husband

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