License to Spend or Thrill?

Bajaj does a very effective job advertising the new pulsan 200 NS motorcycle. Through effective framing and visual appeal this sport bike is effectively shown as a true escape from society a vehicle if adventure. Although this bike is relatively average, it is perceived as something absolutely great.

For starters Bajaj has a very effective unique selling proposition. Instead of focusing on the small detail of the bike like the quality or the measurements of the motor, or the power it puts out, they focus on how the bike will make you feel and where it will take you. This add is a perfect example of a company who is choosing to brand a not so unique product as something totally different through advertising. The unique selling proposition is at this bike will take you to adventure like climbing a mountain top, rafting, paragliding, and more. This differentiation is what makes the add so successful because it appeals to how the bike will make you feel, and what else it brings you instead of how it will perform.

This goes hand in hand with the emotional appeals his ad perfectly frames. This add shows this product as a true way to escape from day to day life. Hop on his motorcycle and it will take you away from your desk job or away from that crowded city and into the wild. By putting what looks like a somewhat middle aged/young man as the person it shows that is hitting this as the target demographic. People in this age bracket might just feel tired of where they live or wishing they had a way to start having fun like they used too. This add hits those subconscious feelings of wanting an escape and catches the attention of those viewers.

This ad also tell a story so it uses a Jung style of advertising. This makes it effective because it shows a story to the viewers instead of just a bland statement. The story is a man goes out and buys this bike and then it allows him to go have fun in other ways. By showing the product as the catalysis for a whole bunch of other appealing events it makes this ad that much more effective.

Overall Bajaj does a very effective job with this advertisement. It is able to pick the right demographic and tap into their subconscious wants to make them want to buy this bike. This add is both successfully and eye catching and I can only assume it boosted sales by a ton.

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