Damn it.

So it’s been waaaaaay too long since I wrote another Medium post.

I got this email recently from one of the many threads I follow. Apparently I’m supposed to post at regular intervals on here so I build an “audience”.

I think of things I want to write all the time. Scathing critiques of the music industry (or what’s left of it). In-depth explorations of contemporary issues that will help illuminate the damned and shine light on the creative apocalypse that’s happening all around us.

These writing ideas pop into my head while working on my company or driving my ass around LA or the Ubers or while walking home after jamming with my band. Sometimes amazing article ideas occur to me while cooking dinner for my wife and kids, or while tucking the little ones into bed, or while enjoying the 1/2 hour of my day when I can have some quiet “me” time not staring at a glowing screen.

Apologies to my fan.

I will continue to write from time to time.

I am, after all, a writer.

But my family and music are more important than an artificial “audience”.

Be warned: when relationships are solely digital, they lack meaningful depth and substance.

Keep meaningful connections personal.

Spend a little more time focussing on those, eh?

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