Finally, a music service that gives a damn

( → HEY! Near the end of this missive is a limited-time only download link for some really, really cool music that is TOTALLY FREE! Enjoy it. Seriously. It’s a really good album, and everyone likes getting cool free shit. If that’s all you care about, cool.)

(But if you really care about artists & want to see a better world for all beings across the universe, please read the rest of this story. Peace, Love and Harmony, Nick)

(UPDATE: really cool music link expired. Sorry.)

6 years ago I was sitting in the orange Kosala chair in my forest green living room in Seattle and had a vision: a streaming service that worked for artists & consumers alike. A universal, accessible-anywhere stream that rewrote the rules of the entertainment industry and created something powerfully new. It scaled like fucking crazy, and ultimately left me running a digital network that transformed a dying industry. It was an explosion of love and joy, a creative renaissance that shifted the global zeitgeist towards peace and harmony among all beings.

I had no clue what I had seen. I had never spoken to an investor before in my life, had no clue how to write meaningful code, and knew nothing about building the kind of business I had seen. Yet I leapt from my chair and knew I had to build it.

It’s been quite a journey bringing it to life.

We’ve brought the vision to market initially as a new music discovery club, the vt’s “find your jams” new music discovery club.

It’s full of great music we think you will enjoy a great deal. In fact we already have over 10 years of albums to release from amazing artists who share our ethos. Our early members tell us our service streams better than any service out there — Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music — and they LOVE the way we help them discover new music.

And artists are *finally* getting paid.


I’m a writer, musician and producer. After college I devoted myself to a musical career, writing songs and gigging and putting together bands and touring. Despite my creative talent and EVERYONE telling me to continue pursuing music, the industry back then wasn’t set up to support hard-working independent artists who didn’t have means of their own (btw — still largely true today). I wound up broke and homeless, unable to finish recording an album (not to mention putting food on the table or paying rent).

You can listen to some of my music here (most of it recent):

So I checked into a monastery (Weston Priory in Weston, VT) and started putting my life back together. I got a “normal” corporate gig in digital marketing and spent a few years making a decent salary while my musical, creative soul rotted away.

When the recession hit, I knew I was done slaving away for The Man so got into startups and web series. I did alright with my first startup and learned that I was surprisingly good at building businesses. Other creatives especially loved working for me, and not just because I paid them decently. Something I do very well is nurture and develop other artists like myself. I then had a blast making a web series (, but quickly saw that existing distribution options were not set up to support and nurture artists.

And that’s when the vision struck me.


6 years later, we’re introducing the vt’s “find your jams” new music discovery club. It’s a fun little music discovery service that re-writes the rules of how music should work in the digital age to nurture independent artists. Each week members of the club get a new album from an amazing indie artist that they can stream online as well as download and share. All music is released via Creative Commons licensing, so you can enjoy the music as you like.

And best of all, artists get paid. Like, really paid. Already we’re paying artists more than they’ve received from all other streaming services combined, EVER, and we’re barely off the ground. As we grow, our licensing payments grow & we’ll start hiring artists with steady paychecks and amazing healthcare to be part of a collaborative creative community of awesome.

We’re on a mission to build a better world for artists, as well as all beings across the universe.

Access the service here:

(Register for a membership now! We’re limiting our membership to an exclusive club of people who, like us, give a damn about music and want to see a better world for all of us.)


Our members are the backbone of this service. Our membership dues go to paying artists (instead of major labels and Wall Street bankers, like other services out there) through our innovative new licensing model, as well as building a sustainable company that hires artists with steady paychecks and amazing healthcare.

And we’re affordable as hell, too. Only $4/month — less than $1 per album!

Try a 14-day free trial and check out the service for yourself.

We have over 10 years of album releases already in our queue, from hard-working indie artists who you are sure to enjoy.

Here’s a link to download tracks from our launch album earlier this summer, Habibi’s eponymous debut:

It’s very, very good and you are guaranteed to enjoy it!

(Go ahead, download & enjoy! Share it, burn a CD to listen to in the car, whatever you like.)

(Oh, also, the link expires soon so get the music while you can!)

(UPDATE: link has expired. Sorry.)


If you enjoy discovering new music and seeing a better world for artists everywhere, I encourage you to join us as a dues-paying member of the vt’s “find your jams” new music discovery club.

I welcome your feedback at any time so we can continue to improve. We aim to provide the best service possible while nurturing a creative renaissance devoted to peace and harmony among all beings.

Together we can build a better world for all of us.

Enjoy the jams!!



Nick Blake
founder/CEO/manic creative
the vt’s “find your jams” new music discovery club
Mister Kite Entertainment Corp.