Concerned about Instagram’s new algorithmic feed? Solution.

Instagram recently announced, to much displeasure, that they will be abandoning their (reverse) chronological feed in favour of an algorithmic feed in the coming months. It’s not a surprise, really; Facebook turned to that in 2013, and Twitter, against even stronger uproar, has already been experimenting with variations recently. The Instagram audience has been no short of pissed. Who will now see my posts? What happens to brands with a smaller or niche audience or smaller advertising budgets? It likely opens the door for more incentive for brands to pay for better feed placement via promoted posts. And perhaps the friends pics and the niche brands and the rogue content goes away…

Here’s your solution, as a content consumer: like or, better, comment on posts you like. These are the only two main interactions you can have with a post that will signal to Instagram which are more engaging to you. So, if you want to see more posts from smaller brands or your friends, like their posts. Or, take a giant leap forward and do what we really should be doing as social beings: comment on those posts. Go beyond a lazy double-tap-to-like, don’t fuss about comment creativity, open up a conversation, and show Instagram that it’s not just an interest graph for your preferred major brands.

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