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This article will talk about a basic resume structure and some tips on how to write one. This basic resume structure consists of education, skills, work experience/ Internships, and classes. This will help you create a basic resume and get you closer to your first interview and ultimately job!


putmelike adulting101

This is a list of 21 things 21 people would’ve liked to have known before they graduated from college. So if you are about to graduate or are still in school this should prepare you for your near feature.

  1. Not to put pressure on myself when things didn’t happen when…

Mocha, CircleCI, Istanbul, and


So we got our code working, but like all developers now we need to write tests! To avoid breaking the build! So for testing we are going to use Mocha! Lets install mocha

npm install --save-dev mocha

and to do our assertions we are going to be using chai


Intro, Webpack, and publishing node module

Node modules are the building blocks of Node.js. They are like legos that build upon each other. They allow developers to share code so they don’t re-invent the wheel.

  • How to create a basic node module that allows you to write ES6 code using webpack to convert it to ES5…

Nicolas Botello

I like to write about tech, life lessons, and things that will help college students/grads. I am a lifetime learner, software engineer, and anime lover.

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