Buying a home. It’s likely the most expensive purchase you will make in your life. It’s also often the most daunting. From getting pre-approved for a mortgage, to visiting homes, to making an offer, to having it successfully accepted, to signing 100s of times, the home buying experience is one of the most complicated and frustrating consumer experiences in the world.

FlyHomes was founded to reinvent this experience and make it much, much better. Customers get a single point of contact with FlyHomes who helps them through the whole process. If you want to go for a tour on the same day that you see a house listed, FlyHomes has you covered and will work quickly to book it and send an agent to meet you. When you’re thinking about making an offer, the company has a full-time industry evangelist who helps craft and negotiate it. As a perk, you can elect to receive frequent flyer miles up to the amount of your home purchase at close when you work with FlyHomes!

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A whiteboard cartoon of a few FlyHomes team members that sits in the company’s office!

And FlyHomes has even gone so far as to help make their buyers more likely to win when they bid for a home, by guaranteeing the offer on the buyer’s behalf. This means that your offer is bulletproof — FlyHomes will pay for the home if for whatever reason you can’t close (say your mortgage takes longer to close, for instance). “The guarantee won us the house in an insane market,” said one customer.

In two years, FlyHomes has gained significant market share in King County, WA, largely from word-of-mouth, and has homeowners in Seattle raving about the experience.

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One of many 5-star Yelp reviews of FlyHomes’ service.

When my partners Ravi, Rob, and Tod co-founded Shasta, they had a simple investment thesis: invest at the early-stage in entrepreneurs who are maniacally focused on the customer experience.

Steve Lane and Tushar Garg, FlyHomes’ co-founders, exemplify this philosophy. They are obsessed with making the home buying experience better and better for every constituent — buyer, seller, listing agent, mortgage broker, and everyone else involved in the transaction. And they are relentless in their pursuit of the best possible consumer experience, having iterated several times already on their service.

Today, FlyHomes announces a $17M Series A round, led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from Shasta Ventures. I am excited to work with Steve, Tushar (who interned at Shasta during his MBA at Kellogg and first told me about the FlyHomes concept then!), board members Mark Vadon and Alex Rampell, and existing investors including Al Goldstein and Ezra Galston.

We at Shasta are also excited to make another investment in a Seattle-based company, adding FlyHomes to a portfolio that includes Apptio (APTI), Highspot, Skilljar, Suplari, and VoloMetrix (MSFT).

We are so excited to see FlyHomes’ vision continue to soar, and are thrilled to be one of their partners for the journey ahead.

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