Don’t Drop Out
Alex Kern

One point the author brings up is that you will meet people your own age with different viewpoints than you, which I agree with completely. I have met many interesting people whose opinions have made me think twice about my own viewpoints on certain topics. Another point is that you can still work on your own business or startup company simultaneously while taking classes. College allows for free time to create your own business, or do something you enjoy and use what you learn in the classroom and apply it to daily life. Going along with that, it allows you to be yourself rather than striving to achieve what other people have achieved. He used the example of Mark Zuckerberg, why strive to be exactly like him when you can aim to be the best version of yourself. That was my favorite concept; I wouldn’t want to live in the shadow of someone else. On the other hand, I agree with the stereotypical reasons to get a college degree. For me, having a degree is a feeling of accomplishment and will help me get the job I want. But, if I don’t get the job I want, I always have my college degree to help me get back on my feet, just in case. Additionally, Kern does not consider money as a factor when making this decision. Some families have difficulty affording college and believe it would be easier to drop out and make a starting salary of a favorable amount of money to support them. He also didn’t mention location. I personally went to a college close to my house so that I could still make memories with my friends and family from home. If I was asked to move to a different state to start my own business, I would most likely opt to stay in school close to home. Overall, I agree with the authors opinions, but I believe there are other factors that affect this decision that he did not take into account.