Ravens Fan Paranoia: Week 7

This week’s matchup against the Vikings will be the turning point for the Ravens season, for better or worse.

Harrison Smith, Everson Griffen, & Anthony Barr

Baltimore Ravens at Minnesota Vikings, Sunday 1pm ET (CBS)

“Doesn’t that hurt?”. That’s what a friend said to me as a slapped my forehead in the fourth quarter of last weeks Ravens game. I’m sure he was talking about my head, but my heart and pride were hurt too. In last week’s post, I mentioned how I wasn’t worried about much in the match up against the Bears. Well, I’m willing to eat crow and state that I underestimated Trubisky, the Bears defense, and their ability to make plays. The Ravens didn’t play well as whole and still somehow pushed the game into overtime, eventually losing 27–24. Which goes to prove that this Ravens team has been anything but “the normal” Ravens this year, allowing their first rookie quarterback win in Baltimore in 8 years. This week’s game against the Vikings might continue the ‘’one step backward, two step backwards” type season the Ravens have been having so far.

What I am most worried about? Minnesota’s Defense

Sam Monson of ProFootballFocus ranked all 32 NFL defenses this past week in his post. At the top of that list? The Minnesota Vikings. This defense boasts play makers at each level of their defense. Their front seven is one of the main reasons the Vikings are third in the NFL with 78.7 rush yards allowed/game. The stifling of the run causes opponents to look to the air to move the ball down field. But quarterbacks usually get reacquainted with Harrison Smith, who is the top graded safety through week 6 in the NFL per PFF. Not exactly a match up in favor of a struggling Joe Flacco and an unidentified aerial attack this week. This week will be one of the Ravens toughest offensive challenges this year and continue their stagnation in the win column.

Image via PFF
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