Computer Vision plays a very crucial role in the field of Medical Science and this study of Applied Computer Vision in Medical Science is broadly known as Medical Imaging. Now, Computer Vision is achieved either by deploying Machine Learning or Deep Learning methodologies or both (hybrid) into production.

In this article, I am going to throw light on one such Machine Learning Methodology that uses a Deep Learning Block making it a Hybrid Model for Brain Tumor Classification.

Hybrid Model Development for Brain Tumor Classification

  • The Dataset: Brain MRI Images Dataset available in Kaggle, is used for Model Development (download). …

Real-time data may have a vast number of attributes, which often makes essential Exploratory Data Analytics very difficult. Such data are known as highly Multi-Dimensional Data in which each and every attribute is referred to as a dimension. Moving ahead with Multi-Dimensional Data often results in:

  1. Lack of Proper Data Visualization: As data with more than 2 dimensions cannot be plotted on a 2-Dimensional Space, Decision Boundary Visualization is not possible. In such cases, the model’s decision making/pattern recognition logic can’t be correctly interpreted.
  2. The trouble with Data Analytics: Data Analytics becomes unnecessarily troublesome with such High-Dimensional Data.
  3. Flawed Machine Learning Model Development: Many Machine Algorithms, mainly Tree-based ensemble models, including Random Forest, Gradient Boost, etc. under-perform with high-dimensional data. …

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Conceptually, Machine Learning (ML) is the art of teaching machines. Now, obviously teaching is such that when a student is taught by a teacher/tutor, he is capable of facing and answering any question which is either explicitly taught or not.

Real-Life Situation

Say, there is a subject covering m number of possible questions. A student is taught n out of the m questions by a teacher (where n is less than m for sure). …


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