2D MMO Space game | Introduction

Hi everyone!

I’m always interested to find solution of the new tasks for me. That’s why I am going to write a simple MMO game.

Game world

The idea of the game is very simple. It’s a space shooter where users can fly and shoot from different weapon.

Your ship, pilot

In a first version of the game I’m not going to create a lot of spaceships with different specifications. Each user will control the spaceship with standard characteristics.

Spaceship weapon:

  • Energy cannons
  • Missiles with automatic target tracking

Ship protection measures:

  • Energy shield
  • Armor

Each spaceship has two different engines:

  • Impulse engine for the travelling below the speed of light. For example, inside star system.
  • WARP engine for the travelling between star systems almost instantly.

All over the world

Game word represents a galaxy with the star systems. Users also can fly from one star to another using impulse engine, but it will take too much time.

We are not alone

Game for the first user will be too boring. That’s why bots looks like good idea and they can be good targets for training.

Looks like as a very simple game and does not be too hard in realization. But it’s the MMO game with relevant problems of the realization. In the next post I’m going to describe network and high load issues with possible decisions.


In this series of the posts I’m going to show main principles of the MMO games development that I found and how can I use they in my space shooter. And actually I’m not game developer, it’s only interesting task for me. That’s why any criticism and suggestions are welcome.

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