ICONOMI ICO minimum initial capital reached — in just 6 days!
Tim M. Zagar

Tim M. Zagar and ICONOMI Team — Congratulations! As an investor, I am excited as you are.

I would respectfully ask that you please poll the current 834 investors to vote on putting a cap on the ICO. Current investors should have a right to 85% of the vote on whether to continue the ICO, considering you’ve hit the 2,000 BTC fundraising goal. No one in the blockchain community wants or needs another “The DAO” putting the ICONOMI project and investors at risk and further setting back Ethereum.

The claim of “greater probability of investment multiplication for investors” is inaccurate when accounting for the certainty of continued dilution over the next 29 days.

As a current investor I would be happy to participate in future fundraising opportunities should ICONOMI hit their stated milestone objectives for 2016.

As a current investor I am not aligned with raising an infinite amount of funds, since A) no one needs an infinite amount of money, “Google started with $200K,” B) there is no use of proceeds case should ICONOMI raise $30MM over the course of the ICO and C) there is no consensus among early investors who are potentially facing significant dilution.

If ICONOMI is 100% owned by its investors now is a good time to prove it. Please hold a vote for current investors to determine a cap or implement one proactively based on having hit your fundraising goal and knowledge of your 2016 development costs.

Thank you for your consideration.

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