How Trump became a niche segment in the mobile app gaming world.

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The name Trump is usually associated with real estate, clothing, ego etc, but now Gaming. Who ever thought trump games would make for such as popular topic in the gaming industry? So many trump apps have hit the market and I think we can all agree on that his name equals $$$.

Hilarious number of Trump apps

Dump the trump, punch trump, wall of trump, build the wall etc. a few to name. Now a new game came out on the market called Trump’s Great Wall. It’s Powerphrase’s first foray into the mobile app game market. This game aims to poke fun at trump’s wall idea with a Tetris style game.

Trump’s Great Wall is basically a simple survival game. A game that is suitable for all ages while maintaining the comic aspect of it.

Trump is animated and throws blocks down to the player in which he or she must figure out a way to solve it like a puzzle. The game combines nostalgia with political satire. The game is influenced by the likes of Tetris and other puzzle games. Trump’s Great Wall combines comedy, strategy and political satire for a unique combination for a game. The Game’s location is along the desert of the Mexican border.

Game includes a rocket that allows the player to shoot down one of his wall pieces. Also includes funny Trump dialogue and a challenging system.

Watch him get down and dirty!


· Fun art style

· Funny dialogue by Trump

· Puzzle style gameplay

· Touch screen rocket

· Survival mode

The game is for IOS and Android. Releases end of April.

There are plenty of ideas yet to come and through trump’s actions, I’m interested in seeing what other types of games and apps will come out due to his popularity.

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