Do we just use digitalisation as an excuse for public savings? Or do we actually do it, because it deliver value?

Bad project management in IT. Or a missing purpost for digitalisation?

Here in Denmark the scandals with bad IT-projects in the public sector is going on. Again. And that’s a shame! But maybe it’s about time we stop and think about why we tried implement those big “one size fits all” systems when it comes to public digitalization.

Do we fail because of bad project management?

Probably! At least we forgot what digitalization is all about: Humans. Organizations companies and institutions all exist because of one thing. Human beings. And this is why IT-projects involving tech-systems to help…

Most of us have used stockphotos to save both money and time. But maybe. Maybe it does take longer time to search for the perfect stock photo than just capturing that picture of a banana with your phone?

Why we should reconsider stock photos!

This is my first try for an english article on medium. I apologize for typos, danish grammar and so on. I first published this in danish on my blog a couple of years ago.

Does stock photos mean that much?

Most of us have used stockphotos to save both money and time. But maybe. …

En lille håndfuld af råd til dig der skal til at i gang med universitetet, eller er i gang. Fra en der netop er ved at afslutte sin tid på Syddansk Universitet.

8 råd til dig der skal skal i gang med studiet

Vi får alle sammen at vide, at vi skal hurtigt igennem studieårene, og ud og have et ”rigtigt” arbejde. Og selvfølgelig skal du da også have fokus på dine drømme — Men hvorfor skal de drømme altid inkludere, at du skal have dit første voksen job?

Det er helt i orden at have det sjovt, og tænke på andet end de skide karakterer, og måske nødvendigvis nå det…

Niels Christian Laursen

MA in communication and digital change management. Loves photography, writing and has a passion for food |

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