6 Things you Should do to Have a Stress Free Day — G9WebDesigns.com

Being busy is now a new trend in the life. You must have heard people complaining about not having enough time to do basic chores and even not taking care of themselves. This fast pace of life and the never stopping hands of the clock have made us horses. We are constantly running to achieve our goals but this busyness is surely making us less productive day by day. Productivity is not spending more time on a task but it is about focusing on the right thing and channelizing our energy to get that right thing done effectively.

So before this busyness ruins our life and make us its slave, here are few things that we can do to:-

· Prioritising is the key : — Write down all the task that you will be doing in the day and decide what is the most important task? You need to see what can you do, what you have control over and what is really urgent? Just repeat these three questions in your mind and set the task list as per the answers. You also need to see that whether you have the necessary resources or you need to collect them? Look for the people who can become your replicas and delegate your tasks to them.

· Keep a control over Technology: — The current work scenario expects us to work at the pace of technology. The constant pressure to match the speed of this technology is one of the major reason of stress at workplace. Technology keeps us busier. We all have smart phone now which keep on pinging all the time to remind us about our work. We are expected to accustom ourselves with technology so that we can develop the compulsive behaviour of checking our mails, messages and to accelerate our brain to an unhealthy pace. So sometimes when you find yourselves in a do or die situation then it is better to switch off the technology around you and concentrate on one thing at a time. That constant noise of tring-tring can distract you and hence makes you less productive. For those who cannot work in silence and crave for constant noise in the background music can be a really good option.

· Love your body: — Pay attention to your body. People usually complaint of not having enough time to exercise but it is really very important to keep your body moving for better results. One should indulge in at least 10 mint of light exercise such as walking, cycling etc. for lowering down the stress levels.

· Give yourself enough sleep: — Sleep is really an important time for our body. This is the time when our body repairs itself. The busyness keeps us in a rush. It is a vicious circle, the more we contemplate about the things that needs to be done, the more problems we experience with sleep and the more we feel tired and the less we accomplish each day. So do a good workout & have enough sleep for better results.

· Mindfulness: — Live in the present moment is the crux of the mindfulness. It is about being awake in the present rather them focusing on past and future. One should meditate at least 15 mints each days for being more productive. If we are relaxed in terms of our mind then we can do things more effectively. There are lots of apps that helps in meditation so give time to your mind and feel the difference.

· Stay Busy all the time: — Last but not the least stay busy. Being busy can reduce the ill effects of busyness. We are better than another organism on this earth, this is because we are designed to be busy, to create things, and to bring change in the world. Doing nothing is more dangerous than being busy. So indulge in something meaningful do not just sit idle, because this will give way to laziness which will surely kill your productivity.

So folks stay busy to deal with busyness! Do something that you love, love yourself, love your body and mind, get enough sleep and keep rolling.