All about DIY Foam Gun Pressure Washing

If you need to wash your car with the proper amount of pressure to remove dust and stains, foam gun diy is the best option to be used for any delicate surface of cars. It can be used to apply expanding foam and water much more effectively.

Now it has become easy to give your car a gentle touch-free wash while removing dirt and road grime. NCL Company’s foam gun diy is constructed for heavy-duty use with any pressure washer. It comes with the unique air-injection technology. The combination of shampoo and oxygen creates thick foam that clings to any of surface paintworks.

In the mechanism of foam wash gun, the water is shot through the hose at very high pressure, making the water acts as its own abrasive. Using the pressure water for stains and dirt for dirt removing is much better than using abrasive cleaners; these cleaners can hurt the delicate surface of your precious car while cleaning.

The multifunctional washing foam guns available for pressure washing support two modes, Spray foam and spray water. Foam gun diy sports large 900ml Capacity. It is suitable to work with the most garden hose. It is portable, durable construction for lasting value and environment-friendly. Foam gun diy accurately mixes and sprays six ratios of foaming chemicals and has adjustable ratio dial for each kind of pressure. The hand grip is suitable for quick connection to a water hose and is easy to install. Diy foam lance comes with detachable designs, they are easy to carry and have good storage.

Let’s discuss the usage methods of this wonderful pressure washing diy foam lance.

· To assemble the foam gun properly, read the instruction manual carefully.

· You need to Infuse right amount of washing fluid, the maximum Capacity is 900ml

· Carefully assemble the hose kit to the water pipe of the tap and foam gun

· Adjust the rotary knob according to the ratio at layout diagram.

· Open the water faucet of the tap to let the water inject

· Carefully hold the controlling pole of foam gun with nozzle aiming at the object and spray foam.

· Lay it for an adequate time, the offload gun and wash it.

· With the help of rubber cleaner, remove the dirty water and then wipe it with a clean rag or scrap cotton yarn.

· Hold the controlling pole of foam gun diy closely and control the moisture after you close the tap water faucet.

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