4 Major Types of Automation Tools You Must Know

Automation Tools

There are many reasons behind QA teams’ fondness for automation tools. The first and foremost is that automation tools aid them to check large projects within specified time period without eating any of resources. Secondly, they ease the testing effort with the minimum set of scripts. Besides, automation tools are effective in running tests, showing outcomes and comparing them with the previous test runs. And they execute test run repeatedly at any time of day. However you must know the type of automation tools so that you can end up with the best one for your project. Here is a quick guide on the category of the automation tools for testing.

Automated Unit Tests

One of the software testing methods is Unit tests, which are used to verify on code level. Bugs are detected in methods, functions and routines written by developers. Automation tools (automated unit tests) get access to source code and they prepare unit tests to crack the production code.

Automation Unit Tools

With the compilation of codes and unit tests’ presence, all unit tests run to show the outcomes of the functionality. The failing of any unit test means there is a bug occurred in the production code. There are many popular unit testing frameworks and tools are available for all platforms and programming languages.

Automated Web Testing Tools:

Automated web Testing Tools

Automated Web testing tools ensure your web application is totally free from the bugs and regressions. These tools enable your team to modify or restructuring the code, thanks to their ability to verify the functionality of the application after every change. Besides, some of the tools like Watir and Selenium deal with the challenges like browser incompatibility and user interface issue due to the continuous changes in your application.

Automated GUI Testing Tools:

Automated GUI Testing Tools

To write GUI test for several desktop apps on Windows or Mac system is quite challenging, as small changes in user interface always end up with broken test. Several GUI Testing tools like Squish, Ranorex and Test Studio help you in run the full proof GUI tests for various OS and platforms.

Automated Testing Cloud Services

Cloud automation tools enable you to run your all tests in complex environment on various machines without your testing infrastructure and resources. And the best thing is that you like to be spoilt for choices as there are many quality cloud testing service providers in the market.

Automated Testing Cloud Services

So, these are the broadly used automation tools for testing. What do you think? Please share you experience by commenting below.

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