Kryptopy grows to 100,000 users over night in token pre-sale

Thanks to our new partnership with Adamant Finance Limited, we will officially welcome more than 100,000 users in the public beta of The Kryptopy Network!

Which means we did already surpass our objective of 10,000 users and are becoming one of the largest social network ecosystem of the new cryptocurrency era.

Yes, Kryptopy is already more than just a simple social network, it is a bridge to other cryptocurrency projects and an ecosystem. Some of our partnerships that have been made recently include : a decentralized cryptocurrency banking system and a decentralized cash back system where you will be able to spend your KPYs (Kryptopy’s currency) on your favourite brands. We are also looking to partner up with other projects to enrich the social reward-centric ecosystem that we are building.

To celebrate these good news, we decided to extend our pre-sale and lower the entry price from 0.4eth to 0.1eth to make it more affordable so everyone can take advantage of it.

That change will happen on October 28th 2017.

The new end date of the pre-sale will be November 18th 2017.

The ICO official date will be announced shortly after and will happen in the middle of January.

Thank you to everyone who did believe in us since the beginning!

To contribute in the Kryptopy’s pre-sale and get 32.5% bonus, you can visit (note: before October 28th, the minimum is still 0.4eth).