In this kindle ad they are trying to show the simplicity of the kindle. The eye starts looking at the main product, the kindle itself and quickly moves to the woman using this. What she is wearing is a calm and easy blue showing that the kindle is easy and fun to use. Also the brown rug and couch allow the kindle to stand out and have a different tablet to use and love. She only has one hand on this kind showing that it is light and easy to carry around while being big enough to hold it far from your face and still be able to read. The screen is also very dim so you don’t have to strain your eyes looking at this. They are targeting the iPad with this showing you it is easy to hold and use unlike an iPad and is noticeably smaller in size. Also she is wearing jeans and a nicer sweater showing she is not at home all day and is busy but using the kindle is so quick you can take a stop to read before you go out. Also she isn’t using this all day she has other commitments but it is still easy to stop and read in a clustered day. And it is mobile so you can carry it around and at any point pull it out and start and read and when you would like to stop just throw it in a bag for next time. The name is placed in a very neat spot, you cannot see any of her face all that you can see is her path of vision and it leads you directly to the kindle itself and also the brand name. Therefore, the ad has given me confidence that a kindle is easy and fun to use and small enough to be carried around and can be read at any point in time.

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