Skoal, a pinch better, with all the thing you could do in your wild life just a pinch of this can make what your doing that much better. These two men are having a great time hunting and the only thing that could make this better is just a pinch of Skoal.

In this ad they are targeting need to escape, need to get away from all the craziness in your life with the help of this Skoal you will feel any ther level of freedom with your pals on a trip. The perspective show us looking up to these men, that they are on a higher level or cooler for what they do. It has “this product can cause mouth cancer” written across two times yet when taking a closer look at this ad you can see just how white and clean their teeth appear to be. They both have the same big smile showing off their wonderful teeth and using chewing tobacco doesn’t hurt their teeth or gums. It’s showing people that your teeth won’t go bad or get disease if you use their product just like in the picture. The nice feeling of a sunny early morning with a best friend and a pup give a relaxing and escaping feel for what I thought to be a up and going product this targets the laid back side to the viewers. Adding the friend gives a sense of security that chewing tobacco is nothing to be ashamed of there is no tobacco in the other persons hand so if he doesn’t do it it is showing he is perfectly fine with his buddy doing it.

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