Blog #3

The trumpet is getting easier to get notes out. It is very difficult to determine the notes when you do not have anyone or anything else there to check if you are hitting the notes such as you have the right valves down but you might have your pitch might be t0 high or low.

So what I have been doing is using my clarinet to get the pitch and tone in my head. Then I switch to the trumpet and try to acomplish hitting the right note. The sound of the notes are practically the same. Thus making it a lot easier to learn and practice.

Today is the third time I have practiced and it is going well for the most part. I have switched between instruments about ten times to get one note. I use a practice book for the trumpet. It is a learner and it teaches me the different notes and fingerings for the notes. It is still a very big challenge to remember the pitches of the notes, but I can remember the valves.