Rat Race Exit
James Lundy

I read Rich Dad Poor Dad quite a few years ago, but I can agree it was eye opening. The largest emphasis in the book was developing a network of, diversified, income-generating assets. Which is a great plan to start loosening the grip the rat race has on us.

Looking at the larger picture, I believe there are three methods to go about achieving the goal we are both striving towards:

  1. Income generating assets (replacing the need for spending your time to generate income)
  2. Reducing expenses or requirements you and your family need in order to live the lives you want.
  3. Reducing and maximizing the efficiency of the time you spend creating income.

You seem to be rather fortunate being in the physical fitness industry, as this allows one many opportunities to grow a network of asset generating incomes, which will, at first, require time to be spent on setting them up. For example:

- Building a social media platform in order to create awareness of your brand and draw people to your hooks (hooks should be put in place to convert interested parties to subscribe to your products). Types of products you can produce are training programs sans you spending actual time instructing, or advertising-friendly media to generate ad revenue. This appeals to point 1 above.
- Apart from having training programs, you can setup of a network to coach from a distance. Allowing you more flexible hours. As your popularity increases so would your required payment rate. This helps achieve point 3 above.

As for point 2, that is a question which is deeply personal and will require a lot of soul searching and discussion with involved parties. Being homo-sapiens and having the innate tendency towards greed, this is generally the area most struggle with and end up not leaving the rat race. However, supposing that your efforts to accomplish points 1 & 3 are fruitless, this second point could make all the difference.

I don’t presume to have a better understanding of the fitness industry than you of course, I am merely bringing these points up as stepping stones for further thought and progress on your journey towards freedom. :)

This comment may seem long-winded but I was in a brainstorming mood and have been putting considerable thought towards this goal myself over the past few days. Good luck, sir!

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