Exploring the Speed of Trust

Book Cover — The Speed of Trust

Here at North Creek Presbyterian Church in Mill Creek, WA, the session (board of elders) is reading Steven M.R. Covey’s The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything (Free Press, 2018). During the winter season of 2022, we’ll each take turns offering a blog post on one of the 13 behaviors of Relationship Trust (pp. 129–240). These entries will be published as a weekly reflection. Anyone is invited to follow along as we attempt to integrate these trustworthy behaviors into our life together at North Creek.

The 13 Behaviors

Behavior #1 — Talk Straight

Behavior #2 — Demonstrate Respect

Behavior #3 — Create Transparency

Behavior #4 — Right Wrongs

Behavior #5 — Show Loyalty

Behavior #6 — Deliver Results

Behavior #7 — Get Better

Behavior #8 — Confront Reality

Behavior #9 — Clarify Expectations

Behavior #10 — Practice Accountability

Behavior #11 — Listen First

Behavior #12 — Keep Commitments

Behavior #13 — Extend Trust



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