Day 1 — Oh the joys of first days

Time check: 5:00am and I am up ready to start this journey. I know I love something when I can forego morning sleep for it.

First solo matatu ride and endless prayers not to forget my stop or the turns I was to take, I finally make it to the Andela Offices. New place, clean slate and endless possibilities …. my mind is simply going wild at what could come out of all this.

After a few interactions with other fellows, the area newbies, we were ushered over to the back of the training area for the routine morning ‘workouts’ that later I was beyond happy to find out were simply games or warm ups.

A couple of minutes later, the bootcamp officially kicked off and my jaw almost hit the floor. Tonnes of new concepts were introduced Test Driven Development, Git & Version Control, and Programming Logic, and even more than programming, the Growth Mindset concept. Despite having worked closely with a couple of programmers, I sure was now that village-belle on her first visit to the city. Everything looked new and out of this world.

But if there is ever a perfect place to learn such fancy new things, its got to be right here! Several other aspiring fellows just like me, eager to learn new things and share what they already know; facilitators right at one’s disposal; and incremental challenges to tackle….THIS IS IT!

If someone had offered me a one TDD month course just yesterday, I am not certain I would take it (dont blame me, first glance and those things look like a transcript of a conversation between aliens). But here I am now making an attempt to create a few test cases with in a space of a day after grasping the basic concepts of TDD. Nothing fancy yet, but a step has been taken. Don’t all journeys start with one step anyway?

A luta continua, vitória é certa