How I flipped on Autonomous Vehicles

Okay for those who know me I’ve never been a huge fan of self-driving vehicles. I’ve always believed and still do..that people will lose innate skills around coordination, response and speed gauging. All of this in exchange for being able to play Pokemon Go or watch stupid pet tricks on YouTube. Yeah some will be more productive and be able to better optimize their day but the majority will hit PokerStars before the car hits the interstate.

So what caused me to change my mind on this topic? It’s easy, I’ve given up on humans being able to handle the judgement of when to listen to their devices and when to focus on driving. I’ve been watching more people lapse into a mental fugue at red lights with only a sharp tap of the horn to snap them out of it when the light turns green. A few days ago I watched a young lady in a Fiat turn the wrong way on a major multi-lane roadway and literally endanger us all with her antics. She also wasnt paying attention to her surroundings. I suspect that she was in the midst of a text or phone dialogue which was far more important than paying attention to what roads are one way thoroughfares.

I’ve begun to imagine a world where I am driving down the interstate and all of the self-driving cars are in the right lane because they are not actively passing the vehicle in front of them. No more left lane huggers to get in my way. I see a time when I dont have to wait for someone to parallel park whilst in the midst of a text conversation. I long for a time when people aren’t trying to drive and listen to the voice guide them to their destination and thus not able to focus on the conversation we may be having in the vehicle.

So yeah I’ve flipped. I don’t intend to get a self-driving vehicle anytime soon because I enjoy the feel of driving. That said I very much want many of the people I encounter on the roads to get them as soon as possible. Please hurry. It’s time!

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