Happy St. Nicholas Day! Gifts&prizes thanks to ND Invest Standard Promotion Program!

🎅The figure of the man giving presents in a red cloak originates from Catholic regions. He is Saint Nicholas, the folkish figure of the bishop of Myra. He is the patron saint of — among others — children and students, which is why he is considered as the model of today’s gift-giving Santa Claus. He had a reputation for secret gift-giving,🎁 such as putting coins in the shoes of those who left them out for him, a practice celebrated on his feast day, which falls on the 6th of December in Hungary. Saint Nicholas is called Mikulás in Hungary.

Our team from Budapest Office is sending you the best wishes! Happy St. Nicholas Day!🎉

👍ND Invest doesn’t have any secrets and would like to give you opportunity to receive free gifts&prizes thanks to Standard Promotion Program! 💸

💰10 points are given per month for the 1st place, 9 points for the 2nd place, and 8 points for the third place. The partner at 10th place gets 1 point. These points are added together from the start of the ICO until its end date. After the end of the ICO partners that have received the most points from 1st to 10th place, will get valuable presents and prizes.💶

The main prize is a FLAT in your district!🏡

📢 Only participants of the leadership program may participate in the promotion, 1st to 7th level inclusively. Token purchases are accumulated and added together from the start of the 1st Pre-Sale until ICO end date. To draw winners, the results are added together for the whole period of promotion.

🎁 Company prizes on each level include:

🌐3rd place- ND Gold Watch;
🌐2nd place — Premium Class Car;
🌐1st place- Comfortable Apartment

💰Leaders will get assistance in opening ND INVEST LTD office in their country if the following conditions are met:
🌀 They have no less than 1 000 people in the structure!
🌀 Balance of the biggest structure no less than 50%!

Prizes will be distributed to winners at an official conference in Vienna (Austria) following the end date of the ICO. 💱