One rubbish kiss 💋 na how much?

An odd title marks my return to writing. The 3-month hiatus was down to the “busyness” of the latter part of 2018. It’s true, excuses sound best to those making them but trust me, if you had my life, they’d sound real good to you too. Often, I think I’m running a small country; just without the GDP to match the effort.

So, back to the price tag of a rubbish kiss, in case you are yet to work the title out. Opted to coin it in pidgin English; the queen’s version would’ve done it’s punch very little justice.

Y’know, one would hardly think that anyone chooses cold food for any reason other than sheer preference. Such torture of the mouth, gut and bowels ought to be mindfully chosen or at least dictated by a compelling rationale. I was told a story, by a preciously beautiful soul. It was about how her preference for cold food stemmed from post-first kiss trauma. Many many years ago, her mouth was quite badly burnt by a very hot spoon. She’d been away with the fairies, daydreaming about her first kiss. Funny thing is, the kiss or the clown who offered it didn’t last. What did last however, is the belief that hot food was the root cause. So, cold food became the solution. False, isn’t it? How a rubbish kisser could wield so much power, so many years later, will forever be beyond me. Adding insult to injury, the fool, wherever he is, is probably enjoying 3-square piping hot meals on a daily basis.

Really, my dears, we ought to break things down; separate root cause from effect or symptom, Lord help us! If we look carefully, we’d find most people have their own version of a rubbish first kiss. Some more serious than others. Maybe a marriage or past relationship went sour and you decided never to marry again or let anybody else come close. Or someone betrayed you and you became a patron of negativity. Did you fall in with bad company and wind up a spiteful gossip? Do me a favour please, don’t expect somebody else to die when you ingest poison.

What was your rubbish first kiss? Some may not even know. Dig deep. Identify the experiences which conditioned you into what you are today. Don’t stop there. Do the hard-work of freeing yourself from any restrictive holds. I could have chosen to remain bitter at my step-mother for years of discrimination and substandard treatment but nah…making that trip to Cameroon in 2003 to dispense forgiveness was the best thing I ever did for myself. So please…swap the price tag will ya? Give it a rubbish one for it’s rubbish value!

To my sweet pea with the post-first kiss trauma, hit the stove babe! Remember that with every morsel of cold food you shovel into your mouth, you perpetuate the thoughts and impact of someone you have no business remembering. Not only that, you risk attracting his ilk because our thoughts become things. So unless it’s your choice, heat up your food honeybun. Do it for the sake of your mouth, your gut or your bowels. They’ll thank you for it. More importantly, do it for yourself. L’Oreal ain’t stupid to say “You are worth it”! Above all, and if not for anything else, do it because we’ve got victory over the devil’s disgusting ploy to keep us from the abundant life Jesus promised us.

Until next time sweetlings, quit handing over your mind’s real estate please. It’s the only place we can be truly and freely powerful.