Patterns. Some come to steal, kill and destroy

Patterns. Hmmm. I’ve had this on my mind for a while and a bit now (dating back to here). This is no run of the mill writer’s itch. It’s more of a low grade hum, a rumbling urge within my spirit and it threatens to consume me if I keep it locked in any longer. So, when i appear to be bleeding on paper, know that it is to cure this relentless nudge, for the battles to be won and for the torture I hope we can all avoid.

Trust me, you’d be spoiled for choice if you went shopping for one of these. Their manifestations vary…good, evil, big, small, physical, spiritual, benign, malignant…you name it. These buggers can even up the ante with some neat mutations or by masquerading as mere coincidence. If you still haven’t caught my drift, we aren’t talking textiles here sweet pea. We are talking malignant patterns of events in the lives of families and bloodlines.

Their sole purpose is to choke the life out of your destiny and purpose.

Most if not all, I’m convinced, have or eventually develop into spiritual strongholds. Jonas Ellison knocked me completely sideways when he wrote “Everything is spiritual. To disagree with this is spiritual.” It’s one of those articles which either puts your life into sudden reverse before steering you in the right direction or confirms your suspicions thereby offering relief of epic proportions. The sort of relief I imagine passengers would’ve felt had the Titanic missed that blasted iceberg by a few nautical inches (whatever that may truly be).

It’s a fact, that, a curse pronounced umpteen generations ago may today be at the root of rampant premature deaths in a family. Whether the cause of death is the same or not is irrelevant. The end result remains the same. Death. Premature Death.

Physically speaking, a history of bad eating habits may leave a legacy and pattern of obesity in several generations of a family.

Shame, being conditioned by rotten habits doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

The exception here may be where genes account for this. Even so, strictly speaking, these are still patterns. Every last one of them.

This phenomenon is not new…Abraham and Isaac of the Old Testament had a pattern of denying their spouses and of barrenness until old age. Here’s another, a child who like their father and grandfather before them, manages time after time to haemorrhage stashes of well earned cash. Yup, that’s a pattern. Do you know a family which suffers repeated academic, financial or marital stagnation? Is divorce or single parenthood rife?…those too! Are there recurring cases of tumultuous marriages? Is a bloodline anchored, then sunk by marriage? You guessed it! Even bad parenting, poor life choices and substandard behaviour can easily become patterns. By now you’ve got the idea… it’s therefore time for a little personal releflection.

How is yours playing out?

I know how mine was. You may want to swallow a dollop of saliva to quench the onslaught of thirst. Just in case the kitchen isn’t within reach.

Inhaled? Exhaled? Good! Let’s go. This is an education darling, so forget entertainment. I have to admit, a recent zoo trip schooled me way more than the combined value of our entry tickets. I met the Jamaican Boa. And a few others. But first, let me tell you about the Jamaican Boa. Looking at the picture below, it figures how this reptile kills its prey by constriction. Its accompanying literature reads “Prey is not crushed, it is suffocated. The snake coils one to three times around its prey and then squeezes more tightly each time the prey breathes out. Eventually, the prey’s rib cage can no longer move. Breathing stops and the prey suffocates.” Phew!! Only after reading this on Friday, did i realise this article could not have been written before now.

Adding to the above mix, the fact that snakes sleep with their eyes open because they have no eyelids, makes it even eerier. So, I invite you to reflect for a moment on the excerpt above against the backdrop of the following scenario; a family has a pattern of firstborn males dropping dead at the peak of their prime….This pattern like the Jamaican Boa lies there, patiently, perhaps dozing for years but never really sleeping until the timing is just right. A son peaks and then it strikes. It constricts its prey until the rib cage stops moving. Breathing stops and the prey suffocates. Maybe this has happened one to three times before to one, two or three firstborn sons of the same bloodline. Strewth!!….the similarity is uncanny. Don’t you agree?

Thanks. I do too, hence I believe this calls for a call to action.

Call to action

It’s a tall order to even begin to imagine how one overcomes these pesky things. Half the truth of it is that our fear makes us low hanging fruit by keeping us immobilised in a stupor. We subconsciously give up and become gluttons for such punishment. Where it isn’t fear, it is a funk of denial, dissonance or a cluelessness that has nothing to do with lack of education. We must be alert, not like the Boa which sleeps with its eyes open or the flamingo who rests on one leg to facilitate forward locomotion when it needs to take flight from a predator. No. That would be a crazy life to lead.

We must be bold in the physical and in the spiritual. Personally, I prayed. Angrily. Boldly. Strategically too because with 7billion people and counting, God’s kinda busy. Pass the buck to Jesus. Its highly recommended. He literally died and rose today, Easter Sunday, so we could pass the buck. Once you put two and two together and figure out what’s up, you jump the queue by having prayer points in hand. And pray those bloody bastards away. If you didn’t get a chance to throw it on the cross as He journeyed to or hung on cavalry on Good Friday, dump it in the tomb honeybun. Failing that, be like the bioluminescent jellyfish and give off the light of His word and risen self in the face of these heinous predators.

Some folk maybe secular or prayerfully challenged. My advice would be to develop the mental and physical alertness, boldness and confidence to take practical steps that oppose the natural flow of the presiding pattern. Confidence akin to that of a lion. It sleeps for up to 20hours daily with no fear of being unfed in the 4 short hours it is awake. That would be an unlikelihood. You see, for all it’s height, majesty and braggadocios elegance, the poor giraffe still finds itself on the lion’s dinner table. Yes, that sort of confidence. So when the devil attempts to constrict for the third time, your more alert self can look at it in a tone of voice which says…”Lame try, now get lost!”.

If you are African like me, you’ll know that even being born-again to the hilt may exclude you from some but not all payments due to your personal Caesar. So, stop what you are doing and make arrangements for that tab to be cleared. Then watch some patterns or hurdles melt away.

In summary, patterns like facts are stubborn making them hard to unknow (not undo) once we know them. For those who have good or no patterns, all praise and worship goes to Him who reigns. But for those who do, I know my God is capable. Questions is, are you willing to do the physical, mental or spiritual work it takes to meet Him at your point of need? I’ll leave you with my current favourite quote…it is by Henry Ford and it goes thus: “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you are right.” So, what do you think? Can you? Can’t you? ‘Cause ultimately, you are right!

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