What I Enjoyed the Most this Holiday…

My name is Caleb Ndaka Mutisya and I help Kids in underprivileged communities catch up with the current digital driven society by equipping them with essential digital skills.

This I do via Kids Comp Camp #KompyutaMashinani

This April school holiday Kids Comp Camp held Kids computer camps in 5 counties. More than 900 Kids aged 8 to 14 from 10 schools attended the camps.

During the camps we asked the Kids to write a short story of what they enjoyed the most in the school term. I follow suit to write a short story of what I enjoyed the most in each camp.

Nairobi County; Kibera YMCA primary School.

The Kids blogged.

Yes the Kids created & published a blog. See the blog post http://bit.ly/1oJ2YZV

This was part of their group work to write a brief story about what they had enjoyed the most in the concluded school term. From the story they were supposed to create, edit & format a word document then put the document online via a blog.

The objective of the activity was to challenge them to improve on their writing skills and see how they can use digital skills to better their efforts.

And clearly they out did themselves

@Kevmuri23 teaching Kids in Kibera

Tana River County; 6 Schools, 7 Peoples Groups, 180 Kids on 1 site!

The camp brought together 6 schools in one site.

The hosting school was Life Frontier primary school, which is located in Madogo Location, North Tana Sub-County. The participating schools included:- Hatata, Adele, Maramtu, Kodoramadha, and Mororo Primary Schools.

Uniquely, the 180 kids who attended the camp were drawn from more than 7 peoples tribes such as the Somali, Wailiwana, Munyoyaya, Waridei, Borana, Waata, Pokomo, among others.

It was great such a great mixture of Kids & all excited to learn. By the end of the camp each learner could create & edit a small document and could use the internet search information online.

Shout out to volunteer trainers teams from International Christian Church — ICC, West Campus - and Sirikwa Pentecostal Fellowship in Eldoret, for joining us.

Karatina County; Karura Primary school.

The camp was held at Karura Primary school in Magutu Location, Mathira Sub-county. The camp began from the 29th April to 1st May 2016.

A total of 170 pupils aged between 8 to 14 years attended the camp.

Unlike in the past where the trainers have been sourced from major universities in Nairobi for this edition we got locally available talent and therefore 35 volunteer trainers were sourced from the neighboring Karatina University Main campus.

By the end of the three days all the pupils could comfortably operate different digital devices such as laptops and tablets with ease. And could create and edit a small document, manipulate data and prepare presentations.

Special shout to the Karatina University Trainers for giving their best to see the Kids learn & have fun as they do so. Also thanks to our Host Eve, Nahashon & Ketta for making our stay very memorable. We had a real County Experience:-)

Muranga County; Muranga College Primary School

Muranga College Primary school is part of the government’s 150 ‘DigiSchool’ pilot project. By the time of the camp, the school had just received the devices. The availability of the devices made the ratio of learner to device decrease significantly. The Pupils, the teachers, & the community were really excited about the devices.

We were warmly received and accommodated by the community as their own. The school parents opened their Homes to accommodate our trainers. In fact, there were more available homes than the trainers we had. I remember this girl who really cried because she didn’t get a ‘Big Sister’ to host Her in their Home.

Kisumu County; Oduwo Primary School

Located around Sugarcane plantations Oduwo primary school was the venue of the camp. When we arrived it was raining heavily and so we had to take shelter in a BodaBoda stage shade. I guess when the BodaBoda guys saw us they saw big business (many people with huge luggages) and so from their faces we could see the excitement. However, we couldn’t understand much of what they were saying as they conversed in deep Dholuo, with a touch of few ‘Swa-Luo’ words.

As we were Leaving Muhoroni town the main Bridge connecting Muhoroni to Kisumu and Londiani had started to crack. The villagers had gathered around the bridge to witness the cracking bridge as the river water levels increased. Also they took control of the traffic. No big vehicles were allowed to pass. Only small car and it was one at a time. Soon after we passed the entire bridge went down. The river broke its banks.

The tarmac road ended a few meters. We got into a wet muddy and sticky earth road. I was seated next to the driver & could clearly see how He was struggling to keep the car in control. Every now and then the car slid side to side through the water full potholes. There were some stretches I could not see how the car would go pass them but our ‘Fearless, Determined, & Skilled’ driver incredibly maneuvered through them.

Then came this stretch. I saw the driver stop. Looked ahead. Got out of the car. And walked away. I knew that was the end of the Journey. The remaining distance we would have to walk. The driver took a walk and when He came back, He said ‘Its bad but Let’s give it a try’

That try led us to reach Home safely. We learnt & appreciated what it means to say ‘I have reached Home’ in Dholuo they say ‘Achopo Dala’.

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