Raptors-The team to be!!

Team Raptors

The first day of Bootcamp NBO33 provided an opportunity to meet a completely new group of people. A group of individuals who for the next two weeks would be my friends and much further share with me the tough experience of bootcamp. In my mind, I was both scared and excited. Scared because I was going to meet a group of strangers most of who I had only seen walking around in the workshops but excited because I was not going to face the oncoming challenges alone — I had a team besides me.

We came up with Raptors as the name for our team. It was inspired by Toronto Raptors, an NBA team from Canada. Better yet, the team would receive a Learning Facilitator Assistant. He was to lead us, guide us and critique us to our longed excellence and hopefully entry to fellowship. By then, all we knew of him was his name -John Mutuma.

By a far glance, John Mutuma presents a calm figure, quite reserved and shy. However, on meeting him, I discovered he was confident and was a great communicator. He commands the atmosphere with a glitter of elegance and composure. An interesting fact about him is that he was an aspiring musician before becoming a developer. He also plays the guitar. Also, he is organized and an eye for details shown by how he leads the team on our team channel.

The first teammate I meet was Grace Unah. Being the only girl in the team, it is difficult to miss out on her. On top of her appeal to the eye, she demonstrates a huge zeal and hunger to learn code. Time to time, she is always asking questions or responding to people facing blockers. She seems to defy the old myth against pretty girls and education. The most fascinating thing about her is her confidence. On the first day on bootcamp, answering a question about the greatest life desires, she said she desires to spread happiness to people all over the world. She said this is because of tou past. The honesty and confidence to share was unrivaled.

Belio-a dominant presence in the room. Confidence, outspoken and leadership are only a subset of words you can use to describe him. He was in bootcamp nbo33 doing the stackoverflowlite challenge. He, however, did not make it through after encountering troubles with psycopg2 connection due to what he terms as “a stupid mistake”. He does not shy away from asking for help or giving back. Generally, he is friendly and easy to talk to.

Emmanuel. He is reserved, silent and composed. He began programming six months ago using python. He is into music -rapping, singing and playing the piano. He also writes poetry. He is interactive when it comes to learning code asking and giving help to team members.

In a nutshell, Raptors has exposed us to different people and multiple personalities. By getting to know them and interacting, I have found friends who can help me during this challenging times of bootcamp. I would not have it any other way. I would not ask for a better LFA. Finally, I would not ask for a better team. Go Raptors