Did InfoSec make me paranoid or did paranoia make me get into InfoSec?

Tonight after my wife went to sleep I heard an engine noise that I initially thought was coming from the television. After turning the TV off, the noise persisted. My next thought was maybe the noise is coming from our neighbors who operate a Christmas tree farm. They have lots of machinery and tools, but there were no lights on in their direction. Stepping out on the back deck, I noticed lights in the sky, a green and red — position lights from an aircraft of some type, not flashing. It had an odd sound, thin and high pitched, like a drone, but louder, and was moving very slowly. I thought it was odd, but kept an eye on it. The object moved off. A few minutes later it was back. Was it a big drone? It seemed like it was hovering over my yard for a while. Again, I kept an eye on it but it moved off.

When it came back a third time I called our local public safety number to see if they were aware of any scheduled flights. We recently had helicopters in town dropping cover crop seed. They were not aware of any flights. I said I think it might be a drone of some kind, to which the kind dispatch officer patiently indulged me by offering to send a patrol car.

Well. It turns out it was not a drone. Or a plane by most people’s definition. It was a Terrafugia Transition, according to Flightradar24, which is a “roadable airplane” with wings that fold up and can drive like a car on the roads. It also flies at very low speeds.

The paranoia has to be justified, right? At least according to the flight plan.

I figured all of this out before the patrol officer arrived and attempted to explain my thought process, but I think it sounded a lot more looney all said out loud.

Paranoia aside, this thing is pretty cool looking:

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