Marketing can also be fun (really)

So I switched on February 1st into a new Developer Advocate role, becoming a member of CloudBees’ marketing team. But don’t make me wrong : I accepted this role because I was requested to bring creativity. As I use to say in such circumstances: “At your own risks !

CloudBees communication has been highly focussed on business audience so far. My role will be to balance this with a developer mindset. And I have ideas. Many. So Many! Too many?

One of them is to use alternate forms of communication. I’ve been a fan of CommitStrip for years, they actually became friends of mine as we met many time in conferences. They are a great incarnation of developer spirit, using geek references for a very specific audience, and having lot’s of self-mockery for our industry.

There’s 10 type of people: the one who will understand this joke and the others

As a teenager I used to do lot’s of drawings. I preferred to select Art and Computer Science as an option for my bachelor degree vs English and German; I always have been a terrible foreign languages speaker. And I received a 100 for both :) As a College student I used to make some drawing on class assignment, so that my Math teacher was impatient to see my work (unfortunately, the further content was not as good).

Within the last 20 years, I mostly didn’t used a pen but to sign a check. My dormant drawing skills will need to be re-activated, but this is an interesting challenge.

So, today I’d like to launch an experiment for further communication on this blog: I’ll illustrate articles with some drawing of mine. I hardly can pretend I’m not inspired by CommitStrip, but will do my best to set my own style and characters.

Please let me introduce Sly, Zack and Ada.

Sly, Zack and Ada — first draw :-\

Note: I’ll need far much time than I expected to get used to graphical tablet. I’ll probably use a mix of paper draw+ scan + tablet finish.