Pro’s & Cons of Getting Braces

When I walked into the waiting room for the first time, I felt immediately out of place. Business casual is way to dressed up for the orthodontist. In the braces community, your “peers” won’t be caught dead in that attire unless it’s Christmas or Easter.

Why are you getting braces?! You don’t need braces. Almost everyone had some variation of this to say to me when I got my spacer put in. Nevermind the fact that I’m in excruciating pain, I’m at work, and I’ve just spent the most money at once I had ever spent up to that point. I’m getting braces at 25.

Maybe it is strange to see an adult go through something that most people went through as a teenager. It’s natural to feel the need to re-convince yourself that you made the right decision.


  1. It’s a character building exercise.
  2. You’re a walking billboard that says: I CAN AFFORD THESE
  3. I get to go late to work because I needed to go to check ups, way better than getting taken out of school.
  4. You’ll never get mad at someone for not telling you that you have something in your teeth. You always have something in your teeth.


  1. Now when you ask someone what they wish they could change about you, they’ll pick something that really hurts.
  2. Before you’re confident in your appearance, you’ll have to be slightly less attractive for a year.
  3. You’re really excited about something that affects literally no one, like no one will care about it at all.
  4. You could straighten your teeth and find out you just have a bad smile.

One Last PRO:

You won’t be an elderly person with braces. If it’s something you want to do, you’ll do it at some point. I can only imagine the shade pre-teens would throw on an 75 year old man waiting next to them at the orthodontist. I don’t wish that on anyone.