Six Reasons You’re Always Tired

Everyone who’s ever worked in an office drinks some sort of caffeine to gear up for work. We’re all tired. I grew up without drinking coffee. It wasn’t until I started my first job that I realized I needed a little something extra in the morning. I’ve been jittery Monday through Friday every since.

The problem is, my coffee intake has increased as fast as the feeling of “well rested” has decreased. I don’t remember a day where I didn’t feel a little tired.

If you’re tired too and looking for answers, step away from webMD. You’re not bipolar, you don’t have cancer. It’s not an STD. (It could be, go to sleep. Wake up tomorrow and go to the doctor — Just get off the internet).

You’re in a one sided relationship with your bed.

You like it way more than it likes you and now it has all the power. You’re going to need to find a way to command some respect. Or, get used to making up excuses for oversleeping or not going out because you want to stay in bed.

It’s your thing.

Some people are spunky, or trendy, or sporty — you’re tired spice. Totally tired spice, flirty with “has she showered?” Spice.

Working past 5 pm, waking up before 6 am.

You have a lot going on, or at least more than ever before. Post college your responsibilities have responsibilities and you were not prepared for that.

You’re not tired, you’re drunk.

You’re almost always in that “I drank a full bottle of wine and am trying my best” state. Blame Trader Joe’s.

You’ve finally realized that you deserve love!

Furiously planning your wedding to that guy you met last weekend, but hasn’t texted you back has you needing some zzzs.

You’re social life is draining,

Staying out until 2am will cut some hours out of anyone’s sleep schedule. But the truly exhausting part of your social life is the ride back. That uber driver was a little too chatty.

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