Your Business Doesn’t Need a Copywriter

You know these types. Flashy people. They’re exhausting. The real heroes are the people who keep their distance until you need a ride to the airport. You don’t need a copywriter.

If these “writers” were good at writing, they wouldn’t be asking you for freelance work. They’re an aspiring something and it’s not your responsibility as a business owner to pay their rent.

It starts with a few snappy headlines and in a few months your freelance copywriter will be asking you to read their manuscript about a Zombie Wedding Planner. This person will not turn your business around. You want someone who can sell, like one of your friends building a body wrap business.

You have to tell a copywriter what to write. You have to tell a copywriter how to write it. You could have just written the fucking Facebook ad.

Your marketing doesn’t need its own style.

Sometimes the best strategy is doubling down. It doesn’t matter what you say if you’re the loudest. We’ve all said the right answer in class, only to watch someone LOUDER get all the credit. Be that business.

Don’t hire a copywriter.