The Future Called: We’re Disgusting And Barbaric
Matt Chessen

All of this assumes that technological civilization with liberal values will survive. Unfortunately, that is not a sure thing.

As the century nears its end, there will be a lot of “cows that come home to roost”. The effects of global warming will be manifest. Countries like Bangladesh will largely cease to exist. Our coastal cities (which include most of our great world cities) will be well on their way to being armored against the tide. The pressures created by global warming may increase wars and the migration of diseases. In short, over decades we will have what William Gibson labeled “The Jackpot” in his novel The Peripheral. A mass die off of a significant fraction of the human race.

Dealing with significant problems requires functional politics. Right now, in the United States, we’re short on that. Trump and his collection of idiots and corrupt money grubbers are a vanguard of a know-nothing faction. The motto of these people is to grab what they can and live in armed, gated enclaves. If this is the future, the future may look back at the past as a better time.

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