I went to see Georgia O’Keefe’s work in Santa Fe.
Jessica Compton

As I recall, Georgia O'Keeffe denied that her work had an erotic nature. She was annoyed that many of her flower paintings were interpreted in this way.

We can’t argue with the artists stated intent. But as a viewer I can say that I find many of her paintings sensual, with erotic connotations. Georgia O’Keeffe would say that I it’s all in my mind, not in her paintings.

Art speaks in ways that the artist does not consciously intend. Creating art can also be an act of self-exposure. I think that this may be true of O’Keeffe.

I have not read a biography of O’Keeffe, but her husband Alfred Stieglitz took some pictures of her that suggest she was not sexually repressed. O’Keeffe in her time was a part of the avant-garde, so I’d be surprised if she bought into conventional mortality.

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