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As we can see from Medium and Facebook, the attraction of social media is public attention. Which can be a double edged blade.

When we came up with the idea for nderground we had in mind professionals like lawyers, teachers and psychologists. These are all professions where people have to worry about being stalked.

People don’t always think of teachers as a vulnerable group. However, not only do teachers have to worry about being stalked by their students, but there are many examples of teachers getting fired for something they posted on social media. If you’re a teacher, Facebook is really not your friend.

There have been a number of cases where parents posted pictures of children and later discovered that the pictures were used in ways that the parents did not approve of. Once this happens stopping it can be difficult. Especially if the photo is appropriated by a site outside the United States.

We wanted to create a space where parents could feel safe about posting pictures of their children and sharing them with their family.

All this said… A problem that we have struggled with for nderground is that when you join you’re there all by yourself. As I noted, there are no friends-of-friends. You have to build up your karass (group), which will hopefully be a group that is interested in interacting with you.

I have tried to make inviting people into your group as easy as possible (I’ve also tried to make accepting an invitation as easy as possible). I’ve added the ability to invite people from your Google contacts.

I look forward any comments that you have when you get to looking around nderground.

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