Submitters without any network at all are screwed.
Product Hunt’s Response to Accusations of Exclusivity is to Increase Exclusivity
Max Woolf

Before writing anything else, I want to say that my interactions with the Product Hunt staff have been very good. The support person was extremely helpful and I was able to get nderground posted on Product Hunt.

After reading the Product Hunt “pro-tips” I was not sure that nderground was read for Product Hunt. Then I saw some of the stuff posted there and realized that nderground is much farther along than most products posted on Product Hunt. Many of these are little more than half-baked ideas. The one exception I found was LogDNA (which I will probably use on nderground).

The pros and cons of nderground aside, I don’t have a network of friends to up-vote nderground on Product Hunt, so it appears that nderground may sink without a trace.

Product Hunt is an interesting experiment. On one side they have a vast number of submissions, many of which are junk. On the other they have a few great products (like LogDNA). They are trying to separate the two with up-votes, but as the post notes, I’m not sure that this will be completely successful.

For more on nderground, see this post on Medium.

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