Should We All Switch To Credit Unions?
Ester Bloom

Credit Unions are owned by the members. They are not focused on extracting fees from their customers to boost their profits. Not only do Credit Unions have lower fees, but by banking with a Credit Union you can protest, in a small way, what the large banks did to you as a citizen and taxpayer. Why should you reward Bank of America and Well Fargo, banks that created the financial crisis, while you, as a taxpayer, bailed them out.

I have done all of my banking with a Credit Union or a small local bank for a long time. However, recently I have had to do wire transfers and this has been painful with my Credit Union.

I have opened a bank account with Charles Schwab. Charles Schwab has great customer service, located in the United States. I can do wire transfers online and their fee for the wire transfers are slightly more than half of the fee I was paying at the credit union.

I still do most of my banking with the Credit Union, but I can transfer between the Credit Union and Charles Schwab when I need to do something more complicated.

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