Bridges Mark Zuckerberg Destroyed
Hossein Derakhshan

Facebook is indeed focused on Facebook. But there is still an active blog community and, of course, Medium. People still have web sites and vast amounts of material is published one the Web, outside of Facebook.

There are times when walls are useful. Most of us don’t want to live in the Glass House. We want to divide the world into public and private spaces. With our private space, we want to control who we share with.

The design of nderground is all about walls and privacy. We built nderground so that you can share only with the people you intend to share with. Otherwise, you are invisible.

I would like to think that if you had posted the material that the Iranian regime found objectionable on nderground, they never would have found it (although we can’t stop a member of your group from giving you up to the regime).

If you are looking for a social network built for privacy that you can use to share with people who are still living under the regime, nderground might be what you are looking for. Try out nderground and let us know what you think.