1 billion accounts hacked.
Linda Caroll

From what I’ve read, Yahoo Mail signups have ground to a halt. Yahoo email appears to be largely dead, with users fleeing to Microsoft or Google email.

What is sad is that Yahoo had some very good software. But their software now looks like a ghost town.

After adding the ability to invite people to join nderground from a user’s Google contact list, I took a look at Yahoo. Their software documentation is full of dead links. It looks like the software interface has not been maintained in years.

For many years Yahoo Finance has been the default source for financial information that could be downloaded by software. Google Finance now offers the same data and more.

All that’s left of Yahoo is the corpse of a once vibrant web company that was killed by years of mismanagement.

Verizon may back out of the deal to purchase Yahoo using the massive security breaches as a justification.

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