Really not that simple for me… I have international interests… small local banks and credit unions…
Gerard Mclean

I agree that it would be good to get banks to follow the law, be good citizens and provide good service. Unfortunately, our recent history of government regulation of the banks has not been promising.

Rather than just saying “there’s nothing that we can do”, we can try to boycott the large banks that mistreat their customers. I agree that this is not as good as effective regulation, as Elizabeth Warren proposes (but often doesn’t get). It’s just that I’ve become pretty cynical about hopes for effective financial reform.

I need to make international wire transfers periodically. I have had a very good experience with the Charles Schwab Bank.

I have found that Schwab has excellent customer service and their wire transfers cost $25 vs. $45 at my Credit Union. Also, I can do the transfer completely on-line, where I had to go into the Credit Union personally. Once I set up the wire transfer I do have to verify it with the Schwab “wire group” on the phone.

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