Because of his serial bankruptcies, Trump no longer has access to easy capital from U.S. banks. Instead, he has turned to Russian investors, various oligarchs and their bank of choice, Deutsche Bank. No one can say how many hundreds of millions of dollars Trump now owes these foreign investors — another reason voters should see Trump’s tax returns — but it is this motive of personal profit that seems to be behind the 180-degree turn Trump would steer the ship of state in regards to Russia.
Trump’s Connection to Putin Is More Than Concerning — It’s Dangerous
William Buzenberg

I am sorry that I have only one “heart” to give in recommending this fantastic post. This post should be read far and wide. Trump’s possible compromise by the Russian oligarchs is a critical national security issue.

I have written similar posts to this one. I hope that people will start to pay attention to this critical issue of Trump and Russia.

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