The trite truth is that most software is utterly mundane. Void of any potential for major, human catastrophes.
Your software just isn’t mission critical

I am very grateful that human life doesn’t depend on the software I write.

Soon after there had been a billion dollar judgement against Johnson and Johnson for heart pacemaker flaws, I had a phone interview with a company that was building embedded software for pacemakers.

I asked them some questions about software verification and testing. The person I was talking to said that their budgets were tight and that they could only do so much verification. I pointed out that after the Johnson and Johnson judgement, I would have expected a renewed focus on verification and testing. But apparently this was not the case.

As The Baldheaded One says “Software is eating the world”. There is an increasing amount of software that human safety depends on. What we should be concerned about is that software development and quality has not changed dramatically over the decades that we’ve been developing large software systems.