Job Sought
Alex Balk

I don’t think that I have a job or “new challenge” to offer you. But I do have some observations. Which you’re welcome to ignore.

It took me a bit to even recall that The Awl was, for a time, a publication on Medium, which I seem to recall has moved off the Medium platform. Lets face it, The Awl is not exactly the New York Review of Books or The New Yorker.

This is the first time I’ve ever encountered the name Alex Balk. At least for me, you’re exactly David Remnick. I don’t know what you do or what your skills are. It might be worth listing these just in case someone has an Alex Balk shaped hole in their organization.

It might also be worth considering changing your email address. At least for work purposes. Perhaps “” was amusing at one time, but you’re older now. Or perhaps, even more disturbing, it is descriptive.

Having been around a number of problem drinkers and having had one just walk through my $200 screen door, I’m not eager to add another to my social or professional circle.