Undisrupted: HubSpot’s Reflections On Scathing Book
Dharmesh Shah

I just finished Dan Lyons’ book, Disrupted. In the book Dan paints a picture of Dharmesh Shah as someone who is largely uninvolved in the day-to-day operation of Hubspot. He describes Mr. Shah as someone who wrote the company culture document.

Before joining Hubspot Lyons was a technology and technology industry journalist. This gave Lyons the opportunity to interview many company founders and he maintained contact with some of these people.

Lyons relates a lunch he had with one founder. The founder commented that he wanted Dharmesh’s job, referring to how little Dharmesh was involved in running Hubspot.

If Mr. Shah is as uninvolved in Hubspot’s day to day operation, it seems possible that the company that he imagines is, in fact, nothing like the one that Lyons experienced. Or that other Hubspot employees experience.

Once a company grows to a certain size, the executives don’t necessarily know what is going on “in the trenches”. Even highly involved managers are only rarely involved with the “worker bees” who experience the company culture.

Even if Mr. Shaw was working ten hour days, involved in the day-to-day running of Hubspot, he might have no idea that they had created the sort of savage and mismanaged culture that Lyons describes.

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